• Mercedes PRO connect.

    Connects vehicles and people together intelligently.

    The digital, connected future of the car continues to gather speed: The professional connectivity and fleet solutions of Mercedes PRO connect1 are able to connect companies with their vehicles and increase both efficiency and productivity – both in management and controlling as well as in fleet management.

Mercedes PRO connect

Your advantages with Mercedes PRO connect.

A fleet manager sitting in front of a monitor. The Vehicle Management Tool is subtly shown in the foreground.

The efficiency accelerator for your fleet.

Make the job easier for your fleet managers and drivers by using Mercedes PRO connect.

  • Simplified and optimised maintenance planning

    Simple traffic-light logic ensures you never miss a scheduled maintenance appointment.

  • Transparent vehicle status

    Permanently available, clearly processed vehicle data helps with operational planning.

  • Avoidance of unnecessary additional costs

    Upcoming maintenance is planned efficiently, and the risk of downtime is minimised.

Perfectly connected

The three components of Mercedes PRO connect.

Mercedes PRO connect comprises three components that enable the communication between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles, and above all: make it much easier.

For vehicles

Mercedes PRO connect hardware: The interface.

The basis for the use of the innovative connectivity and fleet solutions is the hardware installed in the vehicle. There are two options for your Mercedes-Benz van: the retrofit and the ex-factory installation.

The communication module stylised in the new Sprinter

Communication module (LTE) for digital services (JH3).

Selected new Mercedes-Benz vehicles3 are available ex-factory with the communication module (LTE). The communication module (LTE)4 transmits data particularly quickly and reliably with a permanently installed SIM card and fulfils the technical requirement for using the services from Mercedes PRO connect5.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter

Mercedes PRO Adapter.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter can be inserted in selected Mercedes-Benz Vans models2 after the fact. The compact hardware solution thus allows using the Mercedes PRO connect services also in your current vehicle fleet.

For admins & fleet managers

The Vehicle Management Tool: Headquarters6.

The Vehicle Management Tool gives the fleet manager a comprehensive overview of the entire fleet with precise filtering of the most important information.

A fleet manager sitting at her desk. Vehicle locations are displayed digitally in the foreground.

A constant eye on the fleet.

Far more efficient trip planning. The position of the vehicles and information about the traffic situation can be called up almost in real time. Geofencing and the specification of addresses, e.g. at the locations of important customers, give the fleet manager a better overview.

A fleet manager sitting at her desk. The Vehicle Management Tool is open on her screen.

Clear processing of the most important vehicle data.

Knowing the status of the vehicles can minimise downtimes. Based on the regularly transmitted vehicle status and the clear data processing, the fleet manager has a constant eye on everything.

For drivers

The Mercedes PRO Apps: The direct line.

The Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App7 enable the driver7 to call up valuable vehicle and order-related information. 

Smartphones with the Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App

Well informed all around.

From the perspective of the Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App7 user, communication takes place via smartphone. The Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App7 make easy communication with the fleet manager possible. Vehicle data are regularly and automatically transmitted to the Vehicle Management Tool, i.e. the fleet manager, which helps to optimise business planning.

Which Mercedes PRO connect solution is right for you?

Businesses change: Your fleet has existing vehicles that could be more efficient with an innovative connectivity and fleet solution? There are pending vehicle replacements? Mercedes PRO connect has the suitable offer for you.

The stylised communication module in the new Sprinter along with the Mercedes PRO connect App

Installed ex-factory: The communication module.

The new Sprinter is the first Mercedes-Benz van to be available ex-factory with the connectivity and fleet solutions from Mercedes PRO connect3. It is optimally connected from the start thanks to the permanently installed communication module.

  • Ex-factory connectivity and fleet solutions for the new Sprinter

  • Diverse Mercedes PRO connect services – bundled in 8 attractive value-added packages

  • Constant expansion and improvement of the services

  • More efficiency through internet connection

The Mercedes PRO Adapter along with the Mercedes PRO Adapter App

Retrofit: The Mercedes PRO Adapter.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter is the compact hardware for retrofit. It can be installed after the fact in selected Mercedes-Benz Vans models2. As a result, the innovative Mercedes PRO connect services can also be used in your current vehicles.

  • Simple retrofit for selected Vito and Sprinter models2

  • A total of 5 Mercedes PRO connect services for efficient fleet management

  • Innovative connectivity in your current vehicle fleet

  • Simple installation of the Mercedes PRO Adapter

Is your vehicle ready for Mercedes PRO connect?

Perform a quick check and find out which models are already compatible with Mercedes PRO connect.


The list of model series may vary from country to country. For re-imports or grey-market imports, the original country of destination is relevant for the compatibility. For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised.

Questions and answers

General questions about Mercedes PRO

What is Mercedes PRO?

Mercedes PRO is the new Mercedes-Benz Vans brand for all current and future services, solutions and digital services for your day-to-day business. Our goal: to harness the digital possibilities to make your business even more efficient.

Mercedes PRO bundles all the services of relevance to you on a single web-based platform. At www.mercedes.pro this allows you direct access to mobility, finance, connectivity1 and fleet solutions1 as well as to related offers that go far beyond the classic van.

The main benefits at a glance:

  • A single platform bundles all the relevant services and offers
  • Makes for improved efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Helps to cut costs

What are the benefits of Mercedes PRO?

Mercedes PRO allows the seamless and efficient integration of all the service and mobility offerings available from Mercedes‑Benz Vans. We have bundled on a single portal all current and future service offerings available for your van – from mobile fleet management through to maintenance and customised complete-system solutions. Once registered, you have access to a range of personalised topics of relevance to you – and, of course, to your vehicles.

What is the difference between Mercedes me and Mercedes PRO?

Mercedes me is designed exclusively for private customers and their requirements. The umbrella brand Mercedes PRO, on the other hand, has been developed specifically for commercial van customers and their needs and requirements.

The main focus here is on improving efficiency and assisting with everyday operations. Mercedes PRO helps make your business more efficient. Everything you receive is transparent and from a single source, leaving you to focus on what is important.

What are the differences between the integrated solution in the new Sprinter and the Mercedes PRO Adapter?

Both the Mercedes PRO Adapter and the integrated solution in the new Sprinter with the communication module (LTE) for digital services belong to the same umbrella brand - Mercedes PRO - and enable the connectivity and fleet solution Mercedes PRO connect.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter includes five standard services, while the new Sprinter (with communication module (LTE) for digital services) offers eight different value-added packages with a host of services.

In addition, the Mercedes PRO Adapter is used for the Vito (model series 639 since 11/2010 and 447) as well as the Sprinter (model series 906) and is based on a plug & play retrofit solution (OBD II Adapter). It can be ordered through your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. The communication module (LTE) for digital services is an ex-factory solution and permanently installed in the Sprinter (model series 907/910) as from 06/2018. Retrofitting is made possible by the pre-wiring.

Connectivity in the Mercedes PRO Adapter is by means of the customer's smartphone (Bluetooth). With the communication module (LTE) for digital services, there is a permanently installed SIM card in the vehicle.

How can I register for Mercedes PRO?

There are two different ways to register for Mercedes PRO:

  1. Self-registration on the Mercedes PRO Portal
  2. Contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer

Do I need internet access with a smartphone in order to use Mercedes PRO?

With a new Sprinter (model series 907/910), you do not need internet access by smartphone, as the SIM card is permanently integrated in the vehicle. This means that it is possible to use Mercedes PRO connect without a smartphone. However, the services specially designed to make the day-to-day work of drivers easier are linked to the Mercedes PRO connect app.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter requires internet access via the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone.

What is Mercedes PRO connect?

The digital and connected future of the automobile is gathering pace: The professional connectivity and fleet solutions of Mercedes PRO connect link companies to their vehicles and can improve efficiency and productivity – in general management, in controlling and in fleet management. The benefits include minimised downtimes thanks to predictive maintenance management through to clearly processed data for economic analysis.

The Vehicle Management Tool allows vehicles and drivers2 to be transparently coordinated and efficiently deployed. For the driver2, the Mercedes PRO connect app2 allows an exchange of information with the fleet manager using the Vehicle Management Tool and also provides valuable vehicle-related information.

What technical solutions are available with Mercedes PRO connect?

Mercedes PRO connect provides the customer with hardware connectivity solutions.

From an entry-level solution with the Mercedes PRO Adapter through to the professional solution with the integrated communication module for digital services. Further information on the Mercedes PRO Adapter is available at:  www.mercedes.pro/adapter

With the ex-factory solution, the new Sprinter offers deep integration into the vehicle architecture, which provides the basis for a host of connectivity services. The connectivity and fleet solution Mercedes PRO connect consists of the communication module for digital services, the Vehicle Management Tool for the fleet manager and the Mercedes PRO connect app for the driver.  The professional connectivity and fleet solution makes it easier for fleet managers and drivers to communicate while contributing to improved efficiency and productivity in your day-to-day business. Further Mercedes PRO connect solutions will be added to the portfolio in due course.

Where can I purchase the services?

You can purchase the digital services of the communication module in various value-added packages on the Mercedes PRO Portal/Mercedes PRO Store. The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available from your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Further details on how to install the Adapter can be found on our webseite or you can contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Do I have to register separately for each service?

One-time registration for Mercedes PRO allows you access, subject to purchase, to all available services.

Is it possible to purchase services individually?

As a customer, you can purchase value-added packages for the new Sprinter with various services that offer you a special advantage - e.g. navigation or driving style analysis. Purchasing the services as a package also offers you a price saving.

In the case of the Mercedes PRO Adapter, a package of five services is directly linked to the hardware.

How can I activate the Mercedes PRO services?

To activate the Mercedes PRO services, proceed as follows:

  1. The vehicle must already have been added to your account
  2. You must purchase the services on the Mercedes PRO Portal/from the Mercedes PRO Store
  3. Services can be assigned to a specific vehicle
  4. Once the services have been assigned, they are activated automatically

How can I deactivate the Mercedes PRO services?

To deactivate services, four steps are required:

  1. Open the product overview on the Mercedes PRO Portal
  2. Select the vehicle
  3. Select the service
  4. Deactivate the service

What are the technical requirements for using Mercedes PRO connect?

In Europe and the USA, the new Sprinter as from production year 2018 (model series 907/910) comes with the required hardware as standard in the form of the integrated communication module (LTE) for digital services. An exception is the entry-level models "Crew" and "Worker", for which the communication module is available as an optional extra.

Thanks to deep integration into the vehicle architecture, this forms the basis for a host of connectivity services.

Can I use Mercedes PRO connect for other Mercedes vehicles?

The integrated ex-factory solution is initially available only with the Sprinter (model series 907/910). However, our goal for the future, of course, is to offer our services with additional models, too. For older Mercedes-Benz vans we already offer a retrofit solution - the Mercedes PRO Adapter. Further information is available at www.mercedes.pro/connect.

Can I integrate other-brand vehicles into Mercedes PRO connect?

We are concentrating initially on Mercedes-Benz models.

I already have a Mercedes me account. Can I use the same login details for Mercedes PRO?

Yes, you can use your Mercedes me login details for Mercedes PRO. But you still need to create a Mercedes PRO account. Your Mercedes me data cannot be transferred for legal reasons.

Will Daimler share my personal data or my company's data with other companies?

The user's data and the company's data will be shared with other companies only where this is necessary to deliver the services ordered by the customer. Daimler will not share any personal data for commercial purposes without the customer's explicit consent.

Why do I need to enter a personal support password?

If the need arises, a member of staff from the authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer or the customer support hotline can access your company's account in your name once you have entered the personal support password. This can be seen only by the users themselves.

The intention is to prevent unauthorised access to your company account. If, while on the Mercedes PRO Portal, you need help that requires access to your account by an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer or customer support, you should enter your support password when requested to do so. You can change your support password at any time.

I wish to change my personal support password. How can I do that?

  1. Log in and open your personal data.
  2. You can simply enter a new support password without before entering the old support password (make sure that the support password meets the requirements: at least 6 characters, max. 20 characters, no spaces)
  3. Due to the possibility of typing errors, you are required to enter the new support password twice and to use the "Save" button.

How can I delete my personal user account?

It is not possible for a user to delete their personal account within a company account. Deletion must be carried out by a company administrator in the user management section of the Mercedes PRO Portal by clicking on the waste bin icon. The deleted user is informed by email.


Mercedes PRO connect, the connectivity and fleet solution, is initially available for the Vito and the Sprinter.
For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised.


The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available for the Vito 639 from 11/2010, for the Vito 447 from 10/2014 and for the Sprinter 906 from 04/2006. The Mercedes PRO Adapter cannot be used with Mercedes-Benz vans available ex-factory with the communication module (LTE) for digital services (JH3).


The communication module is available in the Sprinter 907 and 910 from 06/2018.


Depending on regional availability.


The provision of services in conjunction with the integral communications module depends on the network coverage of the mobile network provider.


At the go-live of Mercedes PRO connect in the new Sprinter, there is a Vehicle Management Tool for the ex-factory solution with communication module and a separate Vehicle Management Tool for the retrofit solution with the Mercedes PRO Adapter.


Operation of the Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App while driving is not permitted. Otherwise there is a risk of being distracted from the traffic situation and endangering oneself or others. Please also note the legal provisions of the country you are currently in.


Mercedes PRO is available in selected European countries, and in the USA from 09/2018. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information.