The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter at centre stage

    Now connected: The new Sprinter.

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    Dynamic Mercedes PRO honeycomb strand

    Mercedes PRO:
    The connected service world for your business.

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Optimally connected

Mercedes PRO: simplifies and speeds up your business.

Mercedes PRO1 is the new Mercedes-Benz Vans brand for all current and future services, solutions and digital services for your day-to-day business. Our goal: to harness the digital possibilities to make your business even more efficient.

Mercedes PRO comprehensively bundles all the services of relevance to you on a single web-based platform. Selected services will be available at the start, which will be continuously expanded and adapted to you individually. It is our standard to link your needs with the future technologies developed by us and to integrate them intelligently into your daily work routine.

  • Run your business faster and easier

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness

  • Keep track of everything

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Our solutions

Mercedes PRO: Step by step to success.

Mercedes PRO is starting with the professional connectivity and fleet solutions of Mercedes PRO connect2, the clever networking of fleet managers with their vehicles. Mercedes PRO will be gradually expanded with solutions that make businesses even more efficient: from needs-oriented transport solutions and assistance in efficient and foresighted vehicle operations to information about new developments, tailor-made financing solutions and flexible and individual mobility options.

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Mercedes PRO connect

Connectivity with vision.

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Mercedes-Benz Vito on the forecourt of a company site

More efficient all round with Mercedes PRO connect.

Make your work flows easier and more efficient: with the professional connectivity and fleet solutions from Mercedes PRO connect2. The innovative services intelligently connect fleet managers, drivers and vehicles with each other and help to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company on a lasting basis.


Learn more about Mercedes PRO connect ­– and how to get started with it.

Which Mercedes PRO connect solution is right for you?

Businesses change: Your fleet has existing vehicles that could be more efficient with an innovative connectivity and fleet solution? There are pending vehicle replacements? Mercedes PRO connect has the suitable offer for you.

The stylised communication module in the new Sprinter along with Mercedes PRO connect App

Installed ex-factory: The communication module.

The new Sprinter is the first Mercedes-Benz van to be available ex-factory with the connectivity and fleet solutions from Mercedes PRO connect3. It is optimally connected from the start thanks to the permanently installed communication module.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter along with the Mercedes PRO Adapter App

Retrofit: The Mercedes PRO Adapter.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter is the compact hardware for retrofit. It can be installed after the fact in selected Mercedes-Benz Vans models4. As a result, the innovative Mercedes PRO connect services can also be used in your current vehicles.


Mercedes PRO is available in selected European countries, and in the USA from 09/2018. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information.


Mercedes PRO connect, the connectivity and fleet solution, is initially available for the Vito and the Sprinter.


The communication module is available in the Sprinter 907 and 910 from 06/2018.


The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available for the Vito 639 from 11/2010, for the Vito 447 from 10/2014 and for the Sprinter 906 from 04/2006. The Mercedes PRO Adapter cannot be used with Mercedes-Benz vans available ex-factory with the communication module (LTE) for digital services (JH3).
For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised.